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Admire the tourism news in a particular country of Canada which has a travel base past of history for relaxation or relocation online listings. Search news in Canada online listings.

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Canada Breaking News: Reports say Canada’s Omicron wave may have peaked

Despite if many indications from other news sources that the Omicron cases may have peaked, many hospitals and intensive care units continue to be under stress given the large number of cases in Canada. Search Omicron Cases in Canada.πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦.

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Canada News: Report 4 people, including infant, freeze to death being smuggled across US-Canada border

Canada reports stated four people, including two adults, one teen and one infant, have been found frozen to death about 40 feet from the U.S.-Canada border while being smuggled into North Dakota, according to U.S. and Canadian authorities. Search Canada News Borders.